All Teeth (Full Arch)

The Ultimate Permanent Replacement Option

Replacement of a complete set of upper or lower teeth (arch) using dental implants.


Non removable

Full dental arch implants that are non removable  are the ultimate permanent replacement option. However this cannot always be achieved. There needs to be enough bone and there needs to be enough implants to support the prosthetics (teeth). Usually each replaced  tooth has an implant and crown. Bridges can also be done where some teeth are attached to the adjacent implant teeth and therefore fewer implants are required. However, decreasing the number of implants will place a greater strain on the remaining dental implants and may cause overload. The restoring dentist will advise the patient when and where bridging may be possible. There are many factors that influence a successful result. Including but not limited to: bone quality and quantity, bite, opposing dentition  and habits such as bruxism. (grinding one's teeth).


Semi removable prosthetics means that the prosthesis (the teeth) are non removable by the patient, but can be removed by the dentist if necessary. If this involves an entire arch then usually at least 6 implants are necessary to be able to support the teeth. Biting causes a lot of pressure, and  overloading the implants by not having enough of them may cause them to all fail.


There are various materials that can be used when this option is selected. Some options include an acrylic denture with acrylic teeth, or mental reinforced porcelain gums with porcelain teeth. With porcelain there is a lot more pressure created with biting and so more implants will be needed to support the prosthesis (teeth). The semi removable option is often used when there is a lot of bone loss and extensive areas of the gums are replaced in addition to the teeth.

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